The Anthony Mascioli Rainbow Dialogues Award to


Dr. William Valenti will be awarded special archival recognition for his documentation of the AIDS epidemic, nationally through his archives, and locally though his book, AIDS: A Matter of Urgency, a Doctor’s Memoir on March 24th, 2018 6:00 – 10:00 pm.

Dr. William Valenti, affectionately called Dr. Bill by many, has been the overseer of health care delivery for People With AIDS for 37 years. Dr. Valenti will be honored for his extensive detailed archives of the AIDS epidemic in Rochester, and for his documentation of of’s book AIDS: A Matter of Urgency published in January, 2017, is the story of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in upstate New York and Dr. Valenti’s experiences starting at Strong Clinic at the University of Rochester in 1981, the year the epidemic became nationally recognized, and running up to the 1990’s when the “cocktail” changed the disease to a chronic medical problem rather than a death sentence. Dr. Valenti has been a friend, confidant, personal physician and most of all a “giant” with shoulders that have carried the fear, hope, pain and life giving treatment to the LGBTQ Rochester community and the greater Rochester community. Dr. Bill’s memoirs as written in AIDS: A Matter of Urgency are compelling, heroic, compassionate, caring and courageous. During March Health Awareness Month, Shoulders to Stand On is proud and humbled to recognize Dr. William Valenti for his many life saving interventions from the early ‘80’s to the present for people with AIDS.

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